Climate change and the depletion of natural resources affect each and every one of us. That means that every eco initiative the world takes now will have a direct impact on future generations and it’s important that collectively, manufacturers in all sectors work to provide clean, fresh air and utilise sustainable materials to help maintain a healthy flourishing planet.

Eco values have always been at the heart of Puustelli’s entire business activities, not just in our products. The company are regularly involved in promoting an ecological approach in a number of projects we undertake and we act responsibly vis à vis our shared resource – the environment.

The development of our pioneering Puustelli Miinus kitchen is huge step forward and it’s our commitment to a cleaner, healthier future.

Miinus is a range that's truly groundbreaking and by introducing it we want to set a benchmark for the entire furnishing industry.

The environment around us is precious and all the materials used throughout our range reflect the importance of this. To that effect, we’ve worked tirelessly to identify and utilise materials that, throughout their long lifecycle, remain safe are recyclable. It’s an ethos that’s important to us and we invested much time effort and finances in the development of the Miinus range.

The carbon footprint calculation of any product measures it's impact on nature and the environment. We’re proud to state that the new, lighter structure of a Miinus kitchen has almost halved the carbon footprint of a kitchen in comparison to conventional kitchens.

Not many people are aware that kitchens off-gas, (emissions of additives used in their construction), and indoor air measurements are a good indicator of the purity of a material. Miinus ticks the box here too and we manufacture a kitchen that contains only glues, paints and additives that meet only the safest of standards.

The Puustelli Miinus kitchen is a range that's an extension of our commitment to nature and the environment and if you’d like to learn more then please email us at